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[Rave] It's been one Year already


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This is gonna be a schmaltzy wall of text, but I just have to get if off me so deal with it.


One year has already passed and I can still remember it like it was yesterday as my friend in school told me that Kitty passed away. I came back home just to be approved. That day, the 25th of January 2015 was a sad day. Youtube… The world lost one of it’s greatest video creators, a lovely person, and probably the guy with the best humor in human history.
I will never forget Kitty as the person who changed my entire life in the most horrible way you can imagine, through his death. It’s always sad to see how far life has to go until you get in contact with people. This time, life went too far. Nevertheless it brought me in contact with a girl who showed me not just a new hobby, but a new lifestyle. This past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I can’t even count how many new best friends I found, how many hours I spend with them, how dear they are to my heart right now in this moment. But I also lost some of them, which hit me hard. You always say “Life always moves on. You have to move on”, but that’s not entirely true. Yes you do have to move on, but you should never forget the reason why you are where you are right now and who brought you there. I feel like I’ve lived a whole life in one single year. I will never forget who made that possible. I can’t. And I don’t want to.
There are better stories out there I know, but this is my story. My life. And I would never change it for anything, because I’m proud of who I am.
I know this is all very schmaltzy and I’m usually a silly person, but there’s a limit in how much one’s personal bottle can contain and sometimes I have to empty mine.
I will never forget you Colin as a friend I never had and you Nessie as the person who brought me where I am now.

And thanks to every single one of you just for being awesome x3 stay that way

With love

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1 minute ago, Sycophantic Feline said:

Now, this is the old FA I know and fancy. Nothing quite as classy as antagonizing the OP for shits and giggles on a thread about remembering the death of someone important to him.

I sympathize, but it's also hard to understand the OP. 

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