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Hi all!

I'm Reska and this is my introduction!

Whereabouts are people from this forum coming from? Some of the posts I've read so far are pretty, uh.. intimidating.

Just came back from a pretty long international trip and I haven't been able to draw in some time- ready to get drawing again.

However I see that clearly something very weird has happened with the FA forums! Where are all the furbies now?!

I used to go to FAF to meet nice folks to borrow characters from for use in different art pieces or storylines. I love finding lots of interesting characters people own that I can integrate into one story. Hope maybe this would be a good place for that, somewhere.


Anyways, Hi! C:

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Hope you have fun over here in our new location. We've still got the story writing section of the site like FAF did. So if you ask around, I bet loads of people will put their characters forward for your stories. (:


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Hiya thanks Dingo! Well, I'm an artist, but I kinda love to find people to make new 'storylines' if that makes sense. Scenes and relationships between different people's characters together that I can keep developing in my art. Maybe like putting together a D&D group. I do really like being around lots of writers though- such a huge inspiration boost from writers. <3 One reason I'd liked SF a bit more than FA most of the time.


Thanks muchly for the welcome, I'm liking things so far! C:

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