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I hate store brand butter.


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So, I bought some store brand butter because they somehow ran out of the usual kind I get (weird, I know). Usually, I don't have a problem with store brand products. They taste fine or do the same job. But this... no. Just no. 


Where do I even begin? It was all sorts of awful. The salt ratio was way off and it tasted like saltwater.

Okay, enough of that. Not gonna write this fake-ass shit anymore.


This is a call-out threat to the user Butters a.k.a. faggot. You said that you were better than me and could wear whatever you wanted because you're "fabulous" (more like faggotous), and confident and I can't because I'm pathetic and ugly and worthless.

And THEN you have the nerve to be so superior to everyone that I'm not worth replying to. Just know... I have your IP. I'm tracking you down. I won't play nice guy anymore. Being nice got me nowhere. I've been used, abused, taken advantage of. You don't know even 1% of the story but I know your superior faggot ass doesn't care. 

I wish I had the balls to kill myself so everyone could be happy without me. But I don't. So I'll just kill you instead. And your faggot boyfriend too. The world would be a better place without both of you. I may rape the bodies afterwards if they're clean idk I forgot what you look like.

Oh and AlexInsane, I didn't forget about you either. I'm coming after you next (or before if you're closer to me). You're even more of a useless, obnoxious faggot.

I WISH people loved me as much as I love you guys. Nobody pays any attention to me and it's literally killing my sanity. Soon I'll just be a mental case if not dead.

Also, it fucking sucks that I can't view the FagHole forum without 10 posts... and that faggot Zeke keeps banning for no reason. He (she?) will die soon too.

Just to let everyone know, this is what happens when you reproduce with faulty genetics and don't raise your kids right. And then nobody pays attention to him and treats him like shit and teaches him to hate himself.

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16 minutes ago, DevilishlyHandsome49 said:

Oh haaiiiii, you made a new username! Whats the obscure reason behind this name? Tumir-ch time on your hands?

I admit, I lol'd. And tbh I just hit random buttons when I make losernames.


8 minutes ago, Endless/Nameless said:


The outside world is bad for me. >. < I've tried it before. It's not fun.

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