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I just conducted my own piece


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Aaaaahh yesss.



Only my second time ever (and that was the week before this!). I enjoyed it so much, it was awesome. I'm not the best conductor but it felt surreal hearing one of my compositions actually be played by a (youth) string orchestra (even though the piece was originally for full orchestra).

Just makes me want to do it more. :P

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That's... incredible! Of all my friends who studied at the conservatory and even from those who carried on their studies even further, none has ever had the chance to have their composition being played, let alone conduct it themselves... I actually can't even think of anyone of my generation that has been able to do that.

This is a real opprotunity you have here! I believe that the requieremnts to become a consuctor here is to achieve the conservatory's medal in piano, but I'm not sure.

Keep on composing!


EDIT: just checked, you need to be a very skilled musician AND have (not requiered but it's a bare minimum) the medal in piano and solfège, then you need to apply for the conservatoire's of Paris direction classes and pass the auditions, then you need to complete that formation and then hope to find a philharmonic orchestra taht wants of you. Many conductors are of an advanced age, the average youngest being around 40 (the very youngest entered that formation at 15, but he was a spoiled kid, marketed as a prodigy).

So yeah this really baffles me! You have all my congratulations!

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Hey dude, I've studied some conducting at my university and have had some student conductors do their compositions before, so it might be cool, if you want to do it more, to talk about some stuff that could help you have more fun with it. Really glad you got a chance to start conducting so soon, it can be harder to find opportunities unless you study exclusively composition and conducting

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