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Kouhai in the streets, Senpai in the sheets

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Hello...Its me...

No but uh. Yeah. Its Kyro or Orion or whatever I went by back on the old FA. I forgot cuz I hardly posted there. 

ANYWAYS. I'm here to sit on DoomsdayBear while they sit on SkyboundTerror. Gotta have the cherry topping, right? 

Soooo yeah. Introductions woo!

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38 minutes ago, Feelwell the Rabbit said:

So are we talking black cherries, sweet cherries, bitter cherries?

And whos the whip cream?

Furthermore, are you grown with pesticides or stimulants?

I'm very picky about my cherries.

Um. Just gonna go ahead and say "All of the good choices" there lmao.

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