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Ohey there


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Hey! Relapsing UK fur.  I've been in to the fandom to a varying degree over 9 years.  But I just can't stop myself from coming back.  I've been slowly getting back in to the main sites but the fa forums aren't what I remember and after browsing this place I'm pretty happy to join on! 

Also trying to make my first partial.  So look forward to my contribution in the worst suits and creepy images threads. 

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1 hour ago, Mr. Fox said:

Ugh, you're British. I bet you have bad teeth, too.


Like a bag of smashed crabs

2 minutes ago, Mikazuki Marazhu said:

Atleast you're not a fox.


I didn't pass the slut requirements... 


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13 minutes ago, #00Buck said:

You know where cuddling leads.


Regret icecream and shame... 

11 minutes ago, Mr. Fox said:

Did you try showing some skin? 

I flashed cheeky ankle but it just wasn't enough :(

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10 minutes ago, Gharn said:

I flashed cheeky ankle but it just wasn't enough :(

Well there's your problem, you've gotta show a little leg and tail; the chicks really dig that.

But it's ok, stick around awhile and one day, you'll be as slutty as Mentova. 

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