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Rant: I have freckles?!


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I was on vacation for the last two weeks. I didn't do anything big, the first week I spent with my family and the second week I spent at the zoo almost every day.

It was pretty sunny! How sunny? Sunny enough for lemurs to sunbathe on my lap:


(Yes, I know where her feet are. Just... Don't, ok? :V)

And I actually got a tan. I didn't even know that it is possible for me to get a tan! I've always been so white I figured that I just reflect all the light instead of my skin absorbing some of it X3
It looks retarded though. I got some healthy color on my face and my arms but since the rest was covered with pants and a t-shirt everything else looks as pasty as ever. The underside of my arms, too.
But that's ok, I just have to go out less to fix this. I can deal with that!

However, when I took a closer look at my face I saw what I can only describe as small shit speckles around my nose. I was wondering where all this dirt came from since I regularly shower and I also own a peeling sponge. Cleaning my face didn't fix it!

I'll be 28 years old at the end of the year! How does one get fucking freckles when you are close to 30?! D:
I really hope they'll disappear again because this looks freaking stupid! It literally looks like I have dirt around my nose! How do gingers deal with this shit? XP

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My peers and I do a lot of work outside and most of them, even if they never have freckles, develop them on their nose after sufficient sun exposure. I've had them before too.

It makes me thinks that all europeans have a predisposition to freckles buried deep down somewhere. x3

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Wait, why are freckles bad? I thought people thought they were cute or some shit. I have no real opinion on them myself, but meh? Sometimes I get them on my arms, so I'm legit curious if I am some horrible mutant scum simply because freckles happen to me on occasion.

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