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Phoenix Drawpile Server


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So I have a drawpile server that I'm currently configuring that can handle around 40-50 concurrent users with little to no lag.  I'm hoping to, if it is OK and/or wanted, to set it up so all the info is in one thread here, all the rules, etc.  Should they get more popular than 50 users I will see about moving the server elsewhere and/or setting up a second one.

What I need to know is:

Would anyone like this?  Is everyone OK with me hosting the server (which will not have a login system other than for mods, whose passwords will be encrypted)

I would like the community's input on what rules would be acceptable.  There are some considerations with the server software that, until the creator has released the new version in development, will just have to be worked around such as the session expiring at a configurable amount of time (which means a moderator would have to re-create the session).  This can be worked around by creating a very long session timeout, however will have the side effect of making the session not clear itself automatically.  So this is a consideration that must be taken into account.

I am also considering making several sessions on the server to cater to those who do not wish to see NSFW material and/or want a rules-free environment so I am considering having a SFW session (no nudity whatsoever, only work-safe material on the board), a NSFW session (Sex-OK, but still fairly 'tame') and an 'Anything Goes' session for those who want to draw anything and everything.  I may set the latter two up with a board-wide password if required.

Once I am reasonably sure everything's working properly, and it is needed, I may consider appointing users (preferably active users that are on frequently) as moderators to make sure the rules are enforceable.


Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, and such!

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Definitely something we should have in either the "Art Exchange" or "Den." It would be fun to doodle with others online once in a blue mooon.  

Once I get the rules figured out and the server properly set up, I'll certainly post this to another subforum to spread the word.

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Rule suggestions:

Don't take up the entire canvas

Don't draw over other users images unless you and the other person have agreed to collab

Obvious one, if it's sfw only, no nsfw.

If you leave the board/room/canvas let those in it be aware, this prevents users from having their images erased (or have a set amount of time before the board erases?)


Idk, I tried to remember some rules from when I used to be in Nicco's PChat

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