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Co-ed soccer: Should it be a thing?


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I'm only referring to FIFA soccer, with domestic club soccer and international soccer. There wouldn't be any need for women's tournaments and can compete alongside the men in theirs. Still, men and women would have to play in separate teams in the Olympics. I'm sure it'd make for a great mixed gender sport.

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I think co-ed sports should be a thing, even if males have a biological advantage, doesnt mean there arent females that exist outside their average strength/agility classes.

If you want to keep things 'fair', I second feelwell in that women and men can still play their own league by sex.

Sports is probably one of the few things I feel that could use a discriminant between gender, because on average males do carry a strength advantage, so in that regard its rather a useful separation, and not (entirely) based on sexism (even though sexism arises anyways, because people)

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