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Hi! :3


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Hi all!

basic rundown

-my username is daniiel, take a wild guess why

-I don't bite, and I'm very friendly!

-enjoy videogames such as tf2, csgo, overwatch

-I do tf2 SFM commissions! hit me up in a PM!

any help on fursonas and making one/creating one would be appreciated ~ Daniiel

Edit: 'yall so good with art in your profile pics. i'm sad that I can't draw

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10 minutes ago, Gnarl said:

Hello and Welcome! Please be sure to place your sanity in the provided double seal plastic bag and use the permanent marker to put your name on it! Just in case you should ever need to return to the real world. Be sure to enjoy one of our delicous complimentary cookies in the bowl... Alright who ate all the cookies again?

Hi! my sanity is long gone, do you know where i can pick one up? also: what is the "real world"?

ps. nice 'sona. your good at drawing. something I wish I was good at. 

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34 minutes ago, Jtrekkie said:

Welcome home, Daniiel. 


Have you tried much art?

kind of. mum's an artist, never got the hang of it. did catch onto music pretty well, so ive got that going. 

also, i kind of recognise that username! I don't know where from, I just recognise it. ~

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