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I Learned (Rave)


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So I was playing around on a terrible coding game and was talking to it with my friend (We're both learning computer science together, and both enjoy it outside of class as well. We're not geniuses by any means.) and he mentioned he used this other site to learn. I looked it up on a whim and it's tutorial was dealing in HTML. I thought "Why not?" and did the intro.

Then I did the next lesson which got into more things.

Then something happened during that lesson.

I started learning.

And being interested.

I took NOTES. For the first time in my life of my own volition, with complete intention to use them, I took notes on how things work. I organized the notes. I plan on making more notes. I am currently, notesexual.

Granted, the file I ended up making was a joke (because I made it to be a joke of what it was telling me to make, content wise.) but all the little parts were there. Linebreaks, paragraphs, heading, title, lists, images, links, etc. 

For the first time in months I've genuinely pursued something over a period of time and came off not only knowing more, but feeling better. I actually enjoyed this, without any nay-saying voice in the back of my head saying anything.  


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3 hours ago, Socketosis said:

I'm curious as to what site it was. W3 Schools? I find they're decent for short easy references, especially for web stuff (although MDN's Javascript reference is hard to beat).

Codecademy. Honestly I find it much easier than any other website I use.

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