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*sigh*Gonna delete most of my DA art


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So i came to the decision that i delete most of my DA art.

Well i did many bad things.

I copied from Tv shows things like kill la kill, steven universe onto my characters and i messed up my characters too.

I also traced from an anime something.

I felt bad for tracing and copying things.

But after i noticed i did all these things I decided to change and start to delete all of the art and more of DA. 

Well i am doing a restart i try to make  my own original art.

I just don't want to end up bad like some people on deviantart.


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2 minutes ago, DrGravitas said:

I agree with WolfNight; never hurts to keep a backup. I think you'll be surprised how far you come someday and it'll be good to do comparisons. I hope you're new approach proves fruitful!

True, Even though some of the art is horrible i can back it up and look back at it and than at my current art.

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Removing irrelevant stuff from your old art? Yes.

Getting rid of everything? No.

I can tell from experience that my biggest motivation builder is my old stuff. Looking at it I always go "Jeez I was THIS bad?". We all draw things that even in the future won't hold much value. But there's also the occasional sketch in which something has been figured out, or is/was just a really good one. Those are worth keeping.

I happened to have gotten rid of some of my old art last week. It used to be a 1 inch binder full to the brim. I'm sure I could throw even more stuff away, but all my loose sheets now fit into a single duo-tang.

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