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China and their ripp offs


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Because it sells and China has very poor Intellectual Property laws and enforcement.

We live in an age dominated by the mass-marketing of franchised properties. A toy that is not backed by a major movie or TV series suffers a severe disadvantage. There are numerous ways around that issue, but the easiest is simply to copy someone else's idea. By doing so you basically ensure that you have a ready-made customer base and furthermore, someone else is doing all of your marketing for you. Advertising costs are one of the hardest burdens for a small business to meet, and yet it is extremely necessary to do so.

When the 'loom band' craze started, think how many cheap knock-offs there were of that. Loom bands themselves are basically just a variant of knitting / crochet using elastic bands. Copying action figures from popular franchises is similar in concept, though less justifiable because they're copying a unique image rather than a set of instructions for creating something.

Personally I find cheap, low-quality knock-offs amusing. A friend once showed me a book he'd obtained, I think from Taiwan, the title of which translated as 'Harry Potter and the Chihuahua'. I've no idea if it was satire or a serious attempt at a knock-off, but either way it's bad form to use the actual name of the character in the title. Still funny though!

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CHINA! But also yeah, I guess they do really sell otherwise stores wouldn't stock them. Although here I only really ever see them in cheap stores like the reject shop, crazy clarks, bargain warehouse. Etc

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