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"How can I get people to commission me?" - Ninii Explains!


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I have started a series called Ninii explains!
Which is to help you guys with stuff that is mostly art related!

So for today it's : "How can I get people to commission me?"


● " How can you get so many commissions? I work my butt off but I can't seem to get any"

● "How can I get people to buy my art?"
And more


Well let me explain you the reasons why that sometimes happen!

• People might not like your art

• People sometimes prefer other styles

• The prices might be to high for the type of art you make

• Your art might not be the best

"Well that is harsh!!!"
"Your so mean"


NO I am not ....Maybe a little :v
Jk Jk

This is the truth BUT it can be because of other things like

• People know that other artists take requests so they will always prefer requests over paying an artist

• Many are minors

• Many prefer to save up money for other stuff

• Your timing might be bad
YES timing is important!!!
As for me I post in the afternoon when over 1000 people are online so meaningly more people will see your blog.

• Many post at the same time

• Also depends where and HOW you share it

• Some people prefer KNOWN artists as well to prevent scam.

Then how do you do it? How did you start getting commissions more often?



Many don't know his but I started drawing in January 2016.
I only started to get commissions around the sixth month.
But what many of you don't know is that, I draw EVERYDAY and between 6-12 ,yes between SIX and TWELVE HOUR'S per day except weekends.
I practiced A LOT to get my art better and once I did I started to get many commissions.
But it's not only that, that counts.
Let me show you my old art and my recent art!



Most recent:


• I advertise my art on over 20 art groups on Facebook
On MLP/Furry groups
And many other places

So learn where to share and advertise your art.

•Study the market! Study what people are looking for! Cute art? Epic art? Serious art? Creepy art?

• HOW is also important.
Don't just say "my commissions are open THE END"

Make something like "Hello!!! I'm here to share my art and to tell you guys I am open for commissions, if you are interested let me know! I can make your piece of art between these days and I am very responsive" and so on, something that just seems you want to make money and that's it. People like people who are nice,responsive and that seem to do what they love.

• If it's because of your art, PRACTICE.
Watch video tutorials, look up images and try to use them as reference, learn anatomy and so on.

• Make something unique or funny, it attracts people!! Comics and memes is something that attracts a lot!

•TIMING once again, for the people who live in Europe the best time to post is between 5pm -8 pm
(I'm not sure who lives in other countries) But study what time there is more active members.

Keep in mind not everyone likes your art or prefer other styles
People prefer requests over commissions

"Ah but you have commissions"


YES but I am a little known now days (over 5500 people follow my Facebook page) and I am verified in some other communities so it's normal to have more commissions than artists that are not very known.
It's sad but it's like that.

Sadly that is how it works

If people don't commission you
There are many reasons!
It's not always because of your art

But as time passes by people will start to show up if you learn how and when to share you art!!

Also do not get upset due to that

It's hard....Yes I know, I went threw that my self...

"My art sucks so I give up"


NO don't give up!
If it's somethig you like and love to do continue !
ASK for criticism if you want to get better as well!!
It helps a lot trust me

My boyfriend criticises my art all the time and thanks to him I got motivated to get better!
And because of that I now live with the art I make.

It's normal in the beginning to not to have commissions
But once people start to see your art and see that you are not a scammer and keep your word,more people will come around.

Not everyone has money as well!

Unfortunately there are many great artists that are not known and should get the credit they deserve.
Many people also prefer digital over traditional

So all I can say is

Don't give up! Keep trying
At first it's hard
But one day you'll see it won't be as hard

Artists compete with eachother when someone is looking for commissions
It's normal
Don't get upset if someone does not chose you
Don't be mean if someone does not choose you
Congratulate the person who gets the commission.

So Here are the main reasons people don't commission you sometimes!
Hope it helps you guys understand a little better.
Don't get mad about it just continue doing what you like to do!

So that's all for today!

What would you like to see next on Ninii Explains?

Also art by me!
Don't forget to follow my FB page!


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Mr. Fox makes a good point, sadly. Many artists, for perfectly good reasons, refuse to draw sexually charged or morally dubious images. By widening your remit to include things that some people wouldn't even think of, you reduce the amount of competition (and increase the risk being exposed to some really revolting requests!)

You also risk damaging your reputation as a 'serious' artist, which is one of the perfectly good reasons.

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<mod post>
@Niniibear Bumps are not permitted in any sections but The Black Market,
and that's only after considerable time has passed.

Anywhere else, it's considered spam, and against the rules.
</mod post>

EDIT: Also I moved this to Palette Town.
It has little to nothing to do with the furry fandom.

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Issues with the text itself aside for being a bunch of fluff and "uguuu~~~ BELIEF IN YOURSELF ^.^ PLZ LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE" non-suggestions,
centering a bunch of text for people to read is horrible formatting to try and follow.

It makes the natural flow of the text horribly disjointed, because your eyes are straining to find the point at which the next sentence starts.

If you're going to write this much text on any subject in English, always align it to the left. This isn't Gaiaonline, and it's not 2005.
You'll be doing the eyes of your readers a hell of a lot of good.

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