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I came across this forum by random chance and I was instantly taken aback by how down to earth and free speaking you all were; not to mention the overall sense of humor.

I normally don't join forum communities because I just don't feel comfortable. My sense of humor was tailored around the internet on what most people would find offensive and my opinions are pretty blunt (I hate beating around the bush and sugar coating, so most people take it wrong even though I really don't mean any offense... but on the internet these days with communities like reddit around, it's rough).


Actually I found you guys after googling about tumblr art and found a discussion on here that pretty much summed up every opinion I had of that place. After some digging to figure out just what kind of forum this was, it was like a double win because I realized it was also a furry community! I'm an art graduate who has been looming around the community for quite some time in the shadows because I love to draw beasts of all different varieties. Needless to say, your art section has been already tremendously resourceful.


Overall I'm pretty impressed and I hope to latch on and become a resident forum lurker here :)

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