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Rave(?): Change of taste

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Random thing to ramble about, but I find it interesting how my taste in fictional men has changed vastly since I was 11 or so. It's like my opinion on beauty standards did a 180 or some shit. Back then I liked really generic looking "hot characters". Like Hidan from Naruto or Steve Fox from Tekken for example. I mean, I had weirdness sprinkled in obviously with my furry shit, but for humans it was as generic as could get. Now? Well, let's see. You know Dick Dastardly? Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons? Characters like that? Yeah, I'm into that shit now. I evolved from liking young, hairless muscular dudes to... this. Middle aged, body hair, eye bags, facial hair. That shit. I really don't know what happened, but it's real neat. Anyone ever have a big change like that in terms of taste?



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I am more attracted to men now than I used to be and more open to hair and muscle. Letting myself just enjoy being in the LGBT community and seeing what all's out there let me be more comfortable with myself and made me more willing to try engaging with more varied men. My taste in women has not changed much however. Kissing girls is as great as ever

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