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I noticed that the last person to create an account on these forums did so a few days ago now. Which struck me as a little odd, considering up until that point we'd had a pretty steady rate of new accounts being made here. It was slowing down, but the complete stop seemed rather sudden.

So, out of curiosity, I decided to try and make a new account yesterday. And after a solid hour of on and off attempts at creating the account, I got nowhere, as each time the security check CAPTCHA code I input was rejected. And these aren't complex codes, just three numbers. So I doubt I was making a mistake each and every attempt. I figured I'd give it a day, maybe CAPTCHA was just having an off day. Tried again today, still nothing.

Not wanting to leave things incomplete, I also attempted to sign up using an audio code. Typed in each number I was given, tried it several times both yesterday, and today, and still no success.

I figured this was something that might be in need of moderator attention.

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Sincere apologies, the issue has been corrected now and new registrations should function as normal. A firewall rule was blocking ReCaptcha from connecting out to validate answers, this has been fixed and after testing I was able to register an account.

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