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Found 4 results

  1. So, I've decided that I will be starting a tabletop RPG group here if there is enough interest, specifically playing Star Wars Edge of the Empire . You don't really need to be a Star Wars fan to play, and a lack of knowledge of the events and source material won't put you at a disadvantage. We would probably meet every week or every other week depending on scheduling, using Roll20 and possibly Discord. As we will be doing a continuing campaign, players should try to make the majority of sessions, but missing one from time to time will not be a major issue. So, who's interested? And what is your availability? Right now the possible days/times on my side are: after 8 PM EST on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday.
  2. Hey everyone! Welcome to my Kool Klubhouse for Kool Kids™! Take off your shoes, kick back, and relax. What is this? This is the thread for games I'm going to host on Roll20. Think of it like 6tail's Kitchen, I mention players in a post with a link to where I'm hosting then we have some fun. We'll play various Tabletop RPGs and hang out. I'll also post updates on our next meeting so we can know what to expect next meeting. Also, I'm not the most experienced GM, so bare with me and please give me criticism after the game so I can improve. You should have an account on Roll20 before doing this. @FenrirDarkWolf @TheGreatFanatic @Newt @LadyRadarEars @Zeke @Rhíulchabán @Osrik @Feelwell the Rabbit @Revates You guys either posted or voted in my last thread, and this was the thread I was going to host games in. We all need to agree on a date and time we should meet. I'm thinking Fridays at 4 PM PST. Games we might play: Toon (we'll start with this one since it's easy and you can have anthro characters.) Either D&D or Pathfinder (I really need to get more acquainted with mechanics) Something with GURPS The Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPGs.
  3. Hello! I am accepting writing commission, if you're interested. UPDATE (2019): Please visit our official website for our most updated info: http://sites.google.com/view/writing-commission Fanfic / Story Commissions: Genre: I am fine with all sorts of genres, including blood/gore, erotica, non-con, sibling/cousin incest, pedophilia, beastiality, harem/reverse harem, etc. However I'm not comfortable writing about big-gap age difference (under 20 years is still okay). Fanfic: I can do fanfiction too, but you need to check with me if I know that specific movie/tv show/anime/manga/etc fandom or not. I am familiar with these universes, but you're welcome to ask and check for any other fandom: Game of Thrones Harry Potter Any Marvel or DC movies/animation Any popular anime / manga / movie / tv show Add: If your story is not within the author's range of knowledge, there will be some research and extra $25 charge involved. Plot & Requirements: Please feel free to order as much as you like. You can be as detailed or as vague about the plot. I can work with anything! For example, from 1 to 10, how much detailed you want me to put in the sex scene(s)? What are the tags/warnings? What do you like and don't like? Write the events/plotlines in • bullet points • according to the story timeline, so that it will be easier for me to follow. You can use bold to highlight the certain areas you want me to put emphasize on in writing. PRICING $100 = 2,500 words $200 = 5,000 words $400 = 10,000 words $600 = 15,000 words $800 = 20,000 words Art + Story Bundle If you are using for publication purposes, there will be a 20% extra charge. Please also credit the author's name (to help get her name out there more). PAYPAL We only accept payment via paypal, credit/debit card (via paypal invoicing). SAMPLE Example of my existing stories can be found at the following sites: Google Drive: http://sites.google.com/view/writing-commission/order AO3: http://goo.gl/MjxtmD SoFurry: http://writingcommission.sofurry.com (turn mature setting on)
  4. Recently bought to my attention, there is currently a Kickstarter campaign up for a tabletop game book 'Genlab Alpha', in which the players take on the roles of mutant anthropomorphic animals in an apocalyptic future. The website says it better than I can: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1192053011/mutant-genlab-alpha What I can tell you is that the original game this is based on is very good, and the production qualities easily on a par with Wizards of the Coast. It was a loose 'sandbox' style tabletop game with an emphasis on base-building and several interesting meta-systems. I presume that this spin-off will follow a similar course, though I can't say for sure. I do know that it's stand-alone though, so you don't need the original 'Mutant: Year Zero' to play it. Last I looked it had already soared past double its required funding level less than six hours since launch. It's looking very nice indeed. Lookitty:
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