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Found 6 results

  1. I'm actually surprised no one made this thread already. I'd also like to ask for it to be pinned, if the mods feel like it... Whatever floats your boat. So yeah, what visual art have you people submitted recently? EDIT: This thread now also allows literature!
  2. Hello! I am accepting writing commission, if you're interested. UPDATE (2019): Please visit our official website for our most updated info: http://sites.google.com/view/writing-commission Fanfic / Story Commissions: Genre: I am fine with all sorts of genres, including blood/gore, erotica, non-con, sibling/cousin incest, pedophilia, beastiality, harem/reverse harem, etc. However I'm not comfortable writing about big-gap age difference (under 20 years is still okay). Fanfic: I can do fanfiction too, but you need to check with me if I know that specific movie/tv show/anime/manga/etc fandom or not. I am familiar with these universes, but you're welcome to ask and check for any other fandom: Game of Thrones Harry Potter Any Marvel or DC movies/animation Any popular anime / manga / movie / tv show Add: If your story is not within the author's range of knowledge, there will be some research and extra $25 charge involved. Plot & Requirements: Please feel free to order as much as you like. You can be as detailed or as vague about the plot. I can work with anything! For example, from 1 to 10, how much detailed you want me to put in the sex scene(s)? What are the tags/warnings? What do you like and don't like? Write the events/plotlines in • bullet points • according to the story timeline, so that it will be easier for me to follow. You can use bold to highlight the certain areas you want me to put emphasize on in writing. PRICING $100 = 2,500 words $200 = 5,000 words $400 = 10,000 words $600 = 15,000 words $800 = 20,000 words Art + Story Bundle If you are using for publication purposes, there will be a 20% extra charge. Please also credit the author's name (to help get her name out there more). PAYPAL We only accept payment via paypal, credit/debit card (via paypal invoicing). SAMPLE Example of my existing stories can be found at the following sites: Google Drive: http://sites.google.com/view/writing-commission/order AO3: http://goo.gl/MjxtmD SoFurry: http://writingcommission.sofurry.com (turn mature setting on)
  3. https://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1083364.html I'm selling a YCH Story commission, from a pool of four possibilities. This isn't a 'fill in the blanks' sort of story. Each one is crafted to the character based on a simple scenario or plot. This is an ADULT themed commission, so no minors. Starting Bid is $40 and a Direct Buy is $60. The description of the YCH is in the above link, and copied below (behind spoiler tags for adult descriptions) There is only ONE available on FurBuy at the moment, but you may also contact me directly through my FA account to request a direct buy if the auction closes. My FA has examples of my writing at https://www.furaffinity.net/user/solsticefennec I already have ideas in my mind for what to do... but maybe you can surprise me. Payment in full before I start working on them, with a promise of minimum of 500 words daily (in sequence, first come first serve). Longer stories may result in a little more cost, but that will be negotiated. Expect a 3000-4000 word story. If story is not delivered within a timely fashion (21 days of starting commission), a full refund will be given unless previously communicated. There is no shipping cost as this is entirely digital. As such, I will sell to any and all people worldwide, provided the content is legal in their country of origin.
  4. I've been having doubts about my writing lately so I kinda wanted to post something to get feedback from you guys. Problem is, all of my texts so far are in Swedish, so I tried writing something up in english for a change, and see how that would go. These texts all belong in a series and a universe I have no name for yet, but the premise, I suppose, is similar to Zootopia, although I started writing way back in 2011-2012. It's a dystopian cyberpunk world inhabited entirely by reptiles, and, well, hijinks ensue. I think of it as for young adults but most YA literature is so... clean, bland. This text I wrote today is a test of sorts, a hypothetical first chapter of a novel that I like to call "The Bubble that Burst". I dunno if I'll use this for anything though, this was merely written so I can have critique on it. So here we go. PLEASE give some honest critique and let me know what I can improve on here. I wrote this for a reason, I feel like my writing lately has gotten worse rather than better, so I kinda want some confirmation on if it really is bad or if it's just low self-esteem. Don't be afraid to tell me anything.
  5. I have an idea for a story. I've had it bubbling in my brain for years now, almost as long as the 3D work I ultimately decided I wanted to have accompany it. I don't know how I want to tell it yet. This is a writing-critique request for one of the ways I am experimenting with telling it: through series of short descriptions accompanied by a visual work. A sort of vignette, I guess. I don't really know how much these 'vignettes' should convey. I want to keep them concise and tightly coupled to the topic being depicted. I don't really want them to be simple info dumps, but I don't know if they can really stand on their own as little short stories either. I completed the first of these little vignettes back on Valentine's Day. I would be most appreciative of any feedback on the writing portion of it. A lot is left open or unsaid in it, and I expected that, but I don't know if I've said enough to make at least something meaningful out of it. The Description: (Since the visual/audio component is meant to help set the mood for this vignette, I'll leave it up to the critique-giver to decide whether they want to view it along with the text.) "Rederick and Blythe, together at last. There's a curious beauty in that the careers which so often kept them apart should for once bring them together. He the Science Team Lead and she the Program Manager. Desynced in time by their respective duties, they barely were ever able to sleep at the same moment let alone spend any time together. With me, we comprised the tripartite council which governed the development of the Bezgalīga Tāle project. The weekly 3-hour council meeting was often the only time they had with one another. Time spent deliberating and debating; pushed apart by practical reality. And yet, still pulled together through their love. With successful ignition came the political festivities. The massive space station housing the project grew with a flurry of activity and guests. It's grand, spacious plazas bustled with dignitaries from across the solar system of the Prīma Lapsa. Celebrations accompanied by a supernova surge in responsibilities for the two, pulled them even further apart. They prepared, then executed, and finally attended events, capped off by the grand inaugural ball. There they stood in their white tuxedo and white gown as dictated by the standards of their posts. As that same standard demanded, they shared the first dance of the ball. For the first time in a month, they were face to face without a video screen between them. I remember every minute motion they made. They moved as though they were one inseparable entity; as if they always had been. How lost they were in each other, leaving behind everything else. Their schedules at last in sync, they shared their first evening in over a year after that ball. They don't remember the ball, the evening, nor the terrible events that followed. They don't want to. But I remember for them. I remember everything they have forgotten about themselves. It was beyond all pleasures, then, that this simple moment of happiness between them was replicated unwittingly in the humble setting of the Apophysis living quarters. Alone with nothing to come between them, no memory of what they had and sharing not even a true continuity with their existence in those events, they danced. They danced a waltz of synchronicity with their blissful moment in a foreign universe."
  6. So I'm reaching a point that feels kinda surreal at the moment. I've been working on a sci-fi novel (with anthros, of course) that's almost complete. Or at least the first draft. It's taken a long time but I'm almost getting some kind of closure with this. However, this is just the first draft, so changes will be made. But... re-writing stuff feels like kind of a pain in the butt but maybe it doesn't need to be. So I want some help or advice, what do I keep in mind when writing more drafts, what should I be doing? Not very descriptive, I'm afraid... I'd share some of my writing's but the novel is currently in Swedish and translating it would take a lot of work. Looking forward to input from y'all on this.
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