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Skype/Adobe flash player


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I'm having problem with Skype and adobe flash player. It seem that the advertising on Skype are causing problem so I can't use Skype on my com.


As you can see on this screenshot below what,s the problem. I can't ask Skype since there are no help from them. On my phone its working, but its limited.  

Skype problem.jpg

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Well I fix the problem and it was a ads blocker from Chrome. I'm using win 7. I check that link, but since windows in in french, I don,t know what,s its called. So I don't know where to look :(


The ads on skype, but those on youtube and other place like yahoo news also. Anyway i will check later to block them.


Weird, I check for "Notify me" and I have not get a notice that there was reply to my help ?

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That's my wish too but I don't have the time to tell everyone who still is unfortunately xD  

the easiest way is to remind them every single time the software breaks and they complain about it. The more smug you look and act the better.

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