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come get your free-bees


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Started a new account on FA. Looking to fill up my gallery with some practice pieces.

Please post links below of an oc. The ref doesn't have to be SFW but my freebies are probably going to remain SFW (too lazy to draw naughty bits)

I don't have the time or energy to draw everyone so I apologize if I don't pick you. 

I will be practicing anthros so anthros only please. I will be doing this in various styles as well. 


My username on FA is -ShamiSen-

Feel free to stay and chat. 

Poopy freebie sample:


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adding extra stuff to the post.
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Here you go! Thanks and good luck on the new account!

Edit: Oh yeah, the particular one I linked is a more up-to-date design style, though its drawn in kinda semi-feral. Feel free to make him a proper anthro or any style you wish!

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