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Rave: Loving life even more!


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Well fellow furs, it's official. Aeroxwolf finally has a driving licence. Even though it took me till the fine age of 21, I have one now :)

Just thinking of the possibilities and freedom of being able to drive makes me both very happy and excited. I'm no longer confined to the same monotonous routines I have been going through for over a year.

Because it takes me an hour bus ride to visit my friends, I would only visit them once -maybe twice - a week. Not being limited to the time constraints of public transport, I can visit them whenever I please.

Same goes for my family. Since most of them live within 10 miles, I can see them more often. But now I can also visit my family who live further away. Like my aunt for instance. We get along really well because we are so alike. But I only get to visit her when I take a train down to London. You could argue that a train from Liverpool to London would be faster and less of a headache, but just having the alternative option to drive down there gives me more ambition to visit her.

DSC_0001.thumb.JPG.43f5fc279c257092efc5d(here's my little baby. Not fancy, but practical)

I can already tell this will have a huge positive impact on my wellbeing! :D 


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