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Black holes arent holes


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I say they are like a bubble. Well since they absorb light we can see the evenhorizon only in 2d or just the lensbending


We can imagine a black hole like a bubble that is completly black and has gravitytational pull, everything will fall through the membran and fall to the center then everything their will be supressed into noting but only that the different that a black hole is infinity.

But who the hell thinks black holes are wormhole, maybe they are but you fall in as human and come out as ripped apart energy.

Its just an hypothese

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Yeah but it was still in another dimension.

Hurr. :3

It was the same dimension, the fourth one, made three dimensional, or some such. I found that movie really hard to understand. Not any of the space stuff mind you, but why the fuck anyone would voluntarily name their daughter "Murphy".

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What thread did this meme even get started in anyway? 

Nova made a thread about "ghetto blacks" or something and Buck apparently really liked that phrase and likes to take these things (I'm hesitant to call them "memes") and run them into the ground. This is why anytime Nova posts a thread now, there will always be a comment in it from Buck about "ghetto blacks". If you don't believe me, go check the threads Nova's posted in, it's pretty amazing.

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