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Saban destroyed another tv show


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Well we know saban dubs tv shows for kids on netflix.

They called anime named smile pretty cure instead glitter force and changed all the names and made their own ugly CGI.

They even cut an episode where an henshins face gets licked by an joker..

Same happened with power rangers.

What do you think.





Saban cgi

gfed9.jpgso fucking ugly

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I thought that the days of heavily edited children's dubbing on anime was long past.

EDIT: It was also heavily cut as "Glitter Force" is only 40 episodes long. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-09-24/saban-listed-as-promoting-smile-precure-to-licensees-as-glitter-force/.93269

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8 hours ago, RTDragon said:

I really don't know what your problem is nova about this considering i've seen massive edits and differences between dubbed and Japanese content. And there's usually a reason for it.

These are extremely rare nowadays though. Most anime are uncensored nowadays, even dubbed.

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This really bugs me about fandoms relating to anime and some video games.

Nobody says Stanley Kubrick "destroyed" The Shining by killing off an important character.

Nobody claims the maers of both Ring (Japanese) and The Ring (American) "destroyed" Koji Szaki's novels by throwing out half the plot.

Make a tiny difference, the kind that wouldn't even make fans of a specimen of any other medium say "huh, that's odd", to a certain anime or video game, and people are like "NOOOOOOO why couldn't they have eaten my heart or stabbed my girlfriend! I could've lived with that!"

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