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Rant: Insane customers


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My first rant on the new board, yaay! DX

Got someone come into my store just now because she had problems with her phone. The phone came from a different carrier, it was out of warranty and I generally don't fix phones here because my shop isn't equipped for that. There was nothing I could do for her, except for maybe resetting the phone but she didn't want her data deleted. It was also 5 minutes before I close the store, too...

So then she suddenly decides to call her temp agent, who apparently helps her out with a lot of stuff. She gives me the phone so I could talk to him, the first thing he says is "Hi, I'm so-and-so and I work for this temp agency. Apparently you will need out services soon as well because of your bad service."

I hung up and told her to leave. I don't need that crap right before the weekend XP 

He called back though and apologized. Kind of... Either way, I explained the situation to him, he didn't really understand it ("I've been a customer at your carrier for 13 years, can't you do something for her?"). When she FINALLY understood that I can't do anything for her without deleting all her stuff (which takes like half an hour on a slow, cheap Windows phone like hers from my experience...) she started to keep talking and talking....

Why does shit like this have to happen before the weekend? Oh wait, I have to go to work tomorrow as well... Fuck my life.

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Its because people think the world revolves around them, and even more so if they have paid.
If they pay they assume you are their servant and can treat you badly, but it's the other way around you can tell them to leave and never come back.
No one has to put up with abuse and customers are never put in their place when they need to be, who cares if a problem customer leaves and doesn't return


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Fridays are always either great days or horrible shitty days. It'll be ok.

The new iPhone came out today. I was expecting the worst day ever :V

Its because people think the world revolves around them, and even more so if they have paid.

The guy on the phone kept saying that she is "also paying for the service". Which is true. She is paying for the service around her mobile contract, the phone is from a different company :P I would have loved to help her out, I just couldn't. At least nout without deleting all her stuff, which she didn't want.

Working in retail is the worst though, good luck. 

I generally don't feel like it's the worst. 99.9% of my customers are nice, and I would count her to the nice customers. The problem was the guy on the phone, who isn't my customer.

She was just annoying. Nice and friendly, but terribly annoying.

This is why I always treat people that are on the job really nicely. You don't know what kind of shit they've been treated to, so maybe having a good and understanding customer might just make their day.

 Same here, mainly because I know how it can be to have a shitty day like that.

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