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doing sketch requests


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I need things to do to fill in my time between my classes and while I'm at work, so I was thinking of opening sketch requests again. they'll mostly be pencil or ink sketches but who knows, I need small stuff to do and drawing in SAI takes time.

all you've gotta do is leave a ref or two or three or five and that's really it.

as a side note, these aren't first come first serve and I'm really just doing these in my spare time.

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2 hours ago, Saxon said:

*rubs hands together with glee* 

What kind of things would you be (un)comfortable with? 

well that depends on what you have in mind. I'd prefer to not do porn in the off chance that someone goes through my sketchbook but other than that I absolutely won't do scat and watersports, cub, or bestiality. everything else you may just wanna ask

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3 minutes ago, Saxon said:

Oh, good. ^^ Then may I suggest a skunk being spanked by a fox in this sort of position? https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14310312/ [not work suitable]

I know skunks come in a variety of different patterns, so I it would probably make the colouring easier to choose a simple one, with the skunk's bottom and stomach white. I don't have a reference, since to my surprised I've actually not drawn any skunks before, but I think the colouration on pepe le pew is probably representative of what I'm describing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pep%C3%A9_Le_Pew


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7 hours ago, Saxon said:

Cookies are a fetish now? What about stuffing cookies in your underwear?

In my opinion, anything can be a fetish if you try hard enough. Though, cookies in underwear would def have to go in the front only. Can you imagine how awful sitting on a crumbly cookie would be? That settles it, cookie storage is no longer in the jar, but in my boxers.

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