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Found 9 results

  1. Taking requests is a lot of fun and I enjoy doing it. Send me your characters! Edit: I think for now I'm going to switch to the commission game. Hit me up on Twitter. https://twitter.com/GorgeousWolve?s=09 List of fulfilled requests:
  2. Hiya! I'm taking a few requests of peoples characters to noodle around with to get back into the swing of things. It's been awhile since I've done any serious art, so it may end up being a plain sketch or something coloured. Just post a visual ref below and I'll see what I can do! :3 ---- @Hewge OTTERRRRRR!
  3. I need things to do to fill in my time between my classes and while I'm at work, so I was thinking of opening sketch requests again. they'll mostly be pencil or ink sketches but who knows, I need small stuff to do and drawing in SAI takes time. all you've gotta do is leave a ref or two or three or five and that's really it. as a side note, these aren't first come first serve and I'm really just doing these in my spare time.
  4. Hey guys! I havent known what to draw much lately, so i thought it might be a good idea to take some requests :DD Ill probably only be taking a few, 3 - 5 most likely, and I might not draw some ocs, so please dont take any offense if i dont take yours Theyll be sketches with flat colour, no shading or anything No nsfw or anthro. I can only draw feral canines and felines, sorry :c Heres an example of something im working on at the moment http://sta.sh/012t3vtjqcfy I dont have any flat colour examples but heres a finished work http://fav.me/d9hkb7b Reply with refs and any needed details! Probably wont take anything without refs, so please add the best thing you can!
  5. Hi everyone! I like to go by Citrus and I'm really new to the fur community in general. I'm an artist. I've only ever focused on people and objects and wanted to start getting into fur art but I'm not really sure what to draw. So if you'd like me to possibly draw you or any of your characters, you should totally post references here! I prefer to work in color but I can also work with just black and white. I'm a somewhat slow artist and I'm also sick so posting anything may take time. I'll do my best to keep up to some degree! If you want to see any of my previous art, you can check out my tumblr. Can't wait to see your designs!
  6. So, I'm hoping to build up a better body of work on my FA, and at least get practice to the point where someone might be willing to put up real world money for what I do. That said, I'm gonna try opening up some requests! I'm probably only going to take three tops at my own discretion. This is going to be my first time semi-officially doing art for others (my Extra-Life drive being a false-start), so bear in mind all the caveats with getting free art, and try to be nice while I test-drive my turnaround time. Try to keep it relatively SFW, have references handy, and suggestions in mind! Again, this is at my discretion, and some things might pique my interest more than others. Don't take it personally if I pass up your request while I get a feel for what I'm motivated to take on. Also, my gallery is here -> https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/aygee/folder/8203/My-Own-Drawings And for those too lazy to follow links, here's some choice images as examples: Can't figure out how to put images into the board from links. Gonna have to do some research now. Man, I am just oozing competence. It was under 'Insert other media.' Here's some examples!
  7. I'm transferring this from the old FAF Page Waybac machine. If I still owe you a doodle please let me know your new user name. SLOTS FILLED for the moment. Just trying to finish the ones I already have. If I open up more slots, I will let you know. I don't do requests often, but I am in the mood to doodle some fursonas tonight. These doodles will exactly that: Doodles, no finished work. Starting out I'm looking for five volunteers, perhaps more. What I need from you: Provide me a reference to your fursona. One character per person. If you do not have a ref, sorry I not in the mood to design anything tonight. I will pick a pose and draw your character. By requesting your fursona, you are giving me permission to show the doodle in my portfolio. FINISHED DOODLES Bodie Z -Finished Taramack - Finished Stickycrop - Finished CrazyTundrawolf -Finished Zirco - Finished Marazhu - Finished LazorMaster5 - Finished TODO Mei Scarlet Fox RT Dragon
  8. So I put some thought into this and I decided it would be best for me to give it a try. I'm taking short story requests from anyone here on this forum. If you have a theme, a character, plot, etc, I can write a story around it. Just give me a basic outline of what you'd like to be in the story and I'll incorporate it in there. I'd only ask the requests be for clean stories at this time. Maybe later on I can do dirty stories but for now, just clean. So, comment below or PM me what kind of story you'd want me to write. Once I'm done, I'll post on my art site pages and you are free to repost it onto your page, so long as you give credit :3
  9. Hi all, so I'm heading on a two week vacation and I feel like drawing stuff if I can. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to draw? SFW or NSFW, either way.
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