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Newborn furry


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Good morning. :)

Well, ok. In Germany it is in the afternoon but I think it should be in the morning now in the USA, right? 

So, I'm Gwen. A short name with a deep meaning to me. If you're interested in that meaning, you can message me. I'm a friendly and calmly but sometimes a shy bear, a spectacled bear. I know how my fursona should looking like but I haven't a picture now. I'm new to the fandom, very new. Fresh meat some would say. 

My hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, enjoying nature while walking through forests (should be jungles) and relaxing a little bit. I love fantasy books and films. If I had a favorite one? No, not really. 


I hope this was enough. ;)



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Used a wrong word...
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Just now, Gwen said:



Nya, I don't care about those stereotypes of some people. I want to get to know them personally, you know? But if you say you don't want to get to know new people, it's another point... :)

Nah I'm worried about their mental health.

Like I love chatting with people and making friends virtually. I'd rather jump off a cliff than get into any physical socialization. 

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Hiya Gwen! :)

I'm a pretty recent lover of bears so it's good to see you around!

Recently moved somewhere that has a lot of black bears. They're so cool. Really shy and sometimes curious and not really scary at all.

Did see a grizzly recently though and THAT was scary. Those things are the size of a car and definitely won't run away from you. lol.

Anyways welcome welcome. :)

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