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Hi everyone!

I like to go by Citrus and I'm really new to the fur community in general. I'm an artist. I've only ever focused on people and objects and wanted to start getting into fur art but I'm not really sure what to draw. So if you'd like me to possibly draw you or any of your characters, you should totally post references here! I prefer to work in color but I can also work with just black and white. I'm a somewhat slow artist and I'm also sick so posting anything may take time. I'll do my best to keep up to some degree!

If you want to see any of my previous art, you can check out my tumblr.

Can't wait to see your designs!

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Hey there! I really like your art style c:

If you would like, you can draw Fenny here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12940306/

It's kind of an old ref sheet and I haven't bother to update his attire, so you can draw him in that, or a plain black sweater with a red scarf and indigo coloured jeans instead.

Thanks in advance ^^

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Figured I could like you my gal, Aaria. She's pretty colorful, though, so you can do black/white if you'd like :> I have no preference anthro or feral, so this is up to your judgement as well provided you choose to even draw her. If you do, though, know that she's a lady-loving lioness who's prideful, cocky to the point of borderline arrogance, and has a fiery temper. She's rather flirty, but she's also very dedicated to her girlfriend.

Anyways! Thank you so much if you do choose to draw her <3

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