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Welcome to the new site new and old furfriends.

I think I joined this site a year, almost two ago. 2014 probably.


boy does time fly , and yet if feels much much longer. I started FAF because of the art community, it was a place I could practice drawing in the art exchange. I branched out because I liked expressing my thoughts in the much opinionated content and discussion-worthy forum base.


its fun, its helpful, its informative, and more often idiotic and dramatic.


since I'd joined Ive met so many friends and recognized so many regulars. Ive joined many a discussion-oriented site, but this is the closest Ive ever felt to an online community to date. Ive gotten very close to people through online interaction, its a very warm and fuzzy feeling

My internet escapades before FAF were numerous but you can always find me on an art-related site.


I dont know what my legacy has been or what people know me as here x3 But what I can tell you about me off the bat is my real name is Val and Im just a guy who sucks at being a guy haha!, Im 20, I like creative stuff in all forms (drawing, art, books, writing, reading, tv shows, games), Im an animal lover and even fanatic, you'll probably find I complained about social anxiety quite a bit; and yet I try to be friendly to people I meet. I work as a kennel tech and aimto move up, being a Veterinary technician if I can h.


Also I am somehow simultaneously the coolest person ever and the awkwardest/derpest :3

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