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Slug: The Moistening


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You are a friendly slug!

Crawl around and do slug things! Find tender fungi and leafy plants to eat. And watch out for birds and turtles!

Once we have at least three characters confirmed, we can start an adventure!

Banana slug - Most common type of slug, easiest to find a mate; most ample reproduction pores of all slug species.
Ghost slug - Carnivorous slug with blade-like teeth; cannot digest plant matter
Leopard slug - May also consume animal tissue and pet food for sustenance
Tiger slug - Moves at twice the speed of other slugs; cannot digest plant matter

Powers (15 points to distribute):
(7) Stinger: You have barbs that can sting with a painful toxin.
(5) Autotomy: May self-amputate tail to escape from predators, or from being trapped.
(5) Body dimorphism: May change shape to accommodate small spaces or to become too large for smaller predators.
(5) Protective slime: Emit a sticky, foul-tasting substance to make you difficult to catch. Usable only after disturbed or injured.
(5) Hibernation: You may elect to rest through the winter to avoid harsh conditions.
(5) Camouflage: You are less apt to be spotted.
(5) Water-breathing: You may swim and survive in salt water
(2) Burrowing: You may tunnel into soft soil.
(3) Cannibal: May eat other slugs of other species.
(3) Light-sensing feelers: You can detect light sources immediately in front of you.
(2) Conspicuous coloration: Your bright coloration draws attention, but reminds most predators of poisonous creatures.
(2) Ink glands: While in water, you may spray blinding ink to escape.
(2) Scent-sensing feelers: You can detect a limited range of smells.
(2) You are poisonous: You are poisonous! Animals do not want to eat you if you are poisonous!

Character Sheet




I'll start us off!

Name: Vårdande Snigel
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Class: Tiger Slug
Powers: Stinger, Protective slime, Light-sensing feelers

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~~~ Prologue ~~~

~~~ Scene: The Grassy Knoll ~~~

~~~ Music:


{ Hello! Welcome to Slug: The Moistening! In this game you are a friendly slug! Your goal is to do things that a slug would do! In this scene you are in a grassy meadow eating tender fungi and plants! Please enjoy eating fungi with your friends! }

I look around me at the greenery around me. Such a lovely day to be a slug! Which is what I am. I am a slug. To be specific, I am a tiger slug! We are as rare as we are erotic.

I approach a fuzzy green leaf and sink my rasping mouth-parts into it. It tastes really good! I smile and munch away happily on it, looking around for other slugs to be friendly with!

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Name: Slug 7887912

Age: 6 months

Gender: Male

Orientation: Initiates with random objects in hopes of replenishing the species

Class: Leopard slug

Powers: Hibernation, camouflage, water breathing 

I am munching on some tasty dog food when a dog picks me up and eats me. I would say eating the food is poor in retrospect, but I am incapable of any forethought because I am a generic slug. The circle of life continues.



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Character Sheet
Name: Ford Pinto Snail
Age: 69
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Class: Tigersnail
Powers: lime green paintjob (conspicuous coloration), poorly designed frame (autotomy), headlights (light-sensing feelers), corroded battery (you are poisonous), leaking oil tank (ink glands)

Right out of the gate I'm gunnin it straight for vardande and his delicious leaf.

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*Crounches on the highest branch and cries out a furious battle squawk, the wolfbird guns it for the delicious gay tigersnail slug who is in turn gunning it for a leaf and thoughs the food chain is mader readily apparent in this pure horrifying visage*

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