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Grizzly Greetings

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Hey everybody!

None of you will recognise me but I'll surely recognise some of you since I was on the old FAF as a lurker before the site went to hell.

And yes in case you couldn't tell from my avatar, I am a fat fur, it's part of who I am and it's how I discovered the fandom, I won't make a big deal out of it if no one else does but for those of you who do share my 'interest' I'd like to hear from you.

There's plenty about me I think you'll find interesting outside of my fetish so please ask me anything.


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10 minutes ago, DrDingo said:

Mr. Fox is just salty

Welcome to Phoenix, my man 

Yeah I kinda got that impression already, but I think a bit of 'salt' makes for some fun reading anyway.

5 minutes ago, Mikazuki Marazhu said:

More bears! Yay! Come and give me "love"

How about I start start by giving you a friendly bear hug and then we can go from there? ;3

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1 hour ago, Feelwell the Rabbit said:

Man this is why I like rabbits, they don't usually hug people, they just jump around, past, or on them. Or nibble something. Or, reproduce, constantly.

And welcome, Monty!

I like rabbits too, but more because they provide a light snack than anything *licks lips*

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