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Lost another friend


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I found out earlier today that an old gaming friend died earlier this month. When I say old, I meant in that I'd known him a long time. Dude was years younger than me, couldn't have been much older than twenty now.

He used to play tyranids and grey knights. Good player. Clown, didn't take the game or life too seriously but wasn't insensitive either. He gave up 40k a few years back when 6e made the game needlesly complex. I saw a lot less of him after that. Now finding out that he's gone just sucks. Bone cancer. Nothing they could do worked.

Shit like that shouldn't happen to people like him.

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Sometimes I find myself thinking about these things...

One of my first best friends died when we were both about 11ish years old. 

All those things she never got to experience...the things that could have been...how different things would be. It feels kinda weird thinking about it.

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