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Taking some free fursona/character request


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I've been putting some heavy focus on figure, gesture, and general anatomy studies as of late. My skills have been developing nicely, but my galleries have suffered as a result, and my upload schedule has been set to 'blue moon' status.

So I figure it might be a good idea to open up and take some characters in, so that over the coming days/weeks or whatever I'll have some other things to do, maybe some characters to put to any of the empty poses I'll be spending a whole bunch of time sketching out so I can save two or three of them from being put away into a folder forever to never be seen by any eyes but my own.


Terms for me are pretty simple, nudity and suggestive poses are A-Okay with me. I just don't do anything pornographic. Which won't even be relevant I imagine, because this is just a random single character thing I'll be doing.

I'll pick and choose at my leisure, it may take time for me to actually get to them, I'll probably check back in over the coming weeks so there's no real time constraints on this, and while reference images are preferred, I also kinda want to step outside comfort zones a little, so I may consider going by detailed written descriptors. Something I've never done, but I figure it'd be pretty cool to give it a shot!

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gunna post this here from another thread in case it sounds like something you wanna draw

I don't have a reference for my avatar, but if you're interested in drawing sheep feel free to have a shot at her. She's just blue, with a black woolen Mohawk, with silver eyes, fingers, and curly horns that wrap around her ears. She has three silver or gold round piercings in her left ear, which don't really matter much but they're fun to stick in there. 

Total artist freedom with her though, if you want to change up the color of anything or the style. 


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