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Well... Hi?


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Uh, Hello I'm new (But you probably already knew that)... Hmm uhh I don't know what else to say so I guess you could just ready my fursona 



Full Name: Naxams Whitecat 

What his friends call him: Nax/Max

Sex: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Fox and wolf mix (mosty fox)

Age: 15/16

Height: 1.6 meters (5.4 feet)

Weight: 86 kg (189 pounds)

Build: Skinny with a little chubb 

Colors: Dark pink coat with a light grey belly and black hair (usually styled with a ponytail)

Markings: None

Casual Clothing:a Black or dark grey hoodie and blue jeans on chilly/Rainy days, and on sunny days shorts (any kind) with a T-shirt and sneakers (Both rainy and sunny)

Formal Clothing: A black dress shirt with black pants and a bowtie (if he is feeling up to it)

Sleepwear: Anything he already has on

Prefered Weather: sunny with a chilly breeze/a ice cold day with crisp dry air (or rainy, but grey clouds with no rain puts him in a bad mood)

Prefered House: A house near/in the woods and near/in the country, with low traffic.

Current House: A low income house near a highway in the city

Likes: Video Games, Books, TV (once in while), hanging out with friends, History, culture, and all kinds of music

Dislikes: Stupidity, Discrimination, the word "Bitch", Jerks, cloudy days, and peas

Personality: Likes a good joke once in an while, but when it goes too far he puts a stop to it. He hates to see others in pain and tries to help if he can. He loves to help out (Sometimes to an annoyance), but he is very insecure and often lies about himself to make others like him (and sometimes lies to himself). While his intentions are good he sometimes go too far, and make other dislike him, and he often realizes he is doing wrong but struggles to stop himself often getting him into bad situations. But because of this he has learned to get out of a bad situation very easily. He often thinks too hard about things and makes a worse decision than he was before that. 


(P.S. this is highly based on me IRL)




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1 hour ago, Enigma said:

Welcome young kitty. :3

Kitty? sigh, okay 


40 minutes ago, #00Buck said:

Welcome to the forum.

If you live near Toronto we meet up for noodles, cake, and boardgames. 

I would accept but I live about 1600 kilometers away from Toronto


42 minutes ago, LadyRadarEars said:

Here haz a customary welcome fennec :3


So cute!


43 minutes ago, #00Buck said:

Welcome to the forum.

If you live near Toronto we meet up for noodles, cake, and boardgames. 


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13 hours ago, Revates said:

Welcome to our forum, I look forward to seeing many new posts from you.



11 hours ago, Mr. Fox said:

Be weary of LadyRadarEars, she'll kill you with cuteness and likes. It's the most painful torture but in the most unorthodox way.


... Okay... thanks for the info..

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