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Creepy people on beach


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So a few miles away there's this beach that can only be reached through some scraggly trees. Anyway, the first thing you should know is its beside a rug dealer, which is a weird name for a rug merchant and it's impossible to tell if the first r was always the first letter. I am a bit paranoid, and have a weird imagination, and I'm sure its not something they would advertise, although it is in a fairly isolated place. They do have lot of rugs though. Also some odd people have been about that place.

Anyway, there's this first guy, who after people scratch themselves on the rough leaves of the bushes and trees and whatnot, sometimes stares at people intently, though it's weird, because its like he stares at the cuts. Also once he tried staring into the guys of a guy wearing sunglasses but that was probably a joke.

The second person is a girl who seems pretty weird. For one thing she very unsettling, like there's something off about her legs. Once I thought for a second she had a third leg. Also, she has constantly unkempt hair almost like there's two things under her hair. Anyway shes one of the people who makes me think there's something off about that rug place.

So anyway one time they were on the beach together. It seemed she had enough of him and they began to struggle. I didn't get involved because, you know, there could be shady business involved. Anyway, its like she scratched him or something. Well he was bleeding a bit. She must've had really long nails. But he wouldn't leave her, until suddenly he ran up towards this rock bank or whatever the term is. A bunch of rocks near the sea I mean, the kind that ends up a few feet.

I heard him yell "come to me" really loud and I thought, no way she's going to come to him. But the next thing I knew, he threw something at her. I was worried, because it  was most likely a rock. It was trailing water, and that almost seemed to bother her more than the hard thing. It stuck to her so I realised it must've been a crab. But that wasn't the end of it.

The creepy guy threw another crab at the creepy girl, and another, and another. She made this weird yell. As I said I'm maybe over-imaginative, but it was more like what you'd hear from an angry cat, as she ran off, a crab hanging onto one of those things she kept under her hair.

What I suppose I'm saying, is that people like these make the beach an uncomfortable place.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd like to hear them.

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