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3rd Presidential Debate Viewing Party!


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Come join me tonight at 9 p.m. ET on my discord server, the Furrst Posting Church of Posting, for a viewing of tonight's presidential debate. Voice chat is encouraged and I welcome the expression of all political viewpoints and personal perspectives. Freedom of expression is what I'm all about. :^)

What I'm not all about:

1.) Screaming like a waterhead into the microphone or spamming the chat - I will deport you like an illegal alien.

1.5) Don't post anything illegal you degenerates.

2.) Posting the link to the server publicly. I know you nerds think that "raids" are still a thing, but what will actually be a thing is that I'll expire the link, ban you, ban everyone who joined, and then you'll commit suicide under suspicious conditions for daring to oppose my will to power after I wipe you from the server like an incriminating email.

3.) Shitty microphones and annoying nerd voices: get a job and afford some real hardware and buy better vocal cords.

You can PM me or message me on Discord (Zaraphayx#0438) for an invite. I might post one ITT shortly before the debate.
If you want to stay you can apply for a Posting Visa to the Church; Good Posting guarantees citizenship. Membership is entirely up to my discretion. :^)

Hope to see you there! Good Posting to you.


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