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Help with anatomy? Driving me nuts


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So i ask if anyone here could help me with my anatomy problem.

I really have problems drawing my fursonas/OC because i have problems with anatomy.

I dont know everytime i draw a body or head it end up very not good.

The head mostly end up too small or too big .

When i draw a body the shoulders and neck end up horrible and i cant draw draw waists and legs right.

Can someone give me advice?

I want to get better and want to improve.

I dont have a example right now, i write on my phone right now.

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It all depends of what you are trying to do. For example anime has one set of cannons, comic/cartoon/super hero stuff has another and traditional or realism has another. 

There are so many different styles. I would suggest that you go search the internet and find one you like, then practice-practice-practice. 

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