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Rant:Once a cunt,always a cunt


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I rant about a person who kinda destroyed my fun in primary school.

So it was a girl who kinda bullied me.

She always was rude too me and was nagging like a old grandma and even her was horrible. She was rude to me because my pencil case was messy .

I always said to the teacher and my mother that she is rude to me but that bitch didnt stop , than i went to another primary school.

After some years , when i was 13 or 14, i invited her to my birthday because i thought she changed. Yes well she was the whole time silent and didnt say any  word. hmm.

After some year , i decided to visit her and it was a mistake.

She is still had the same bitchy cunty personality.

We swam in a pool of one of her friends and she was cunty to me(again).

And a small tear rolled out of my eye because i felt hurt. She saw that and nagged:boys dont cry. I was pissed off because of that.

Well when i went home, i was so happy that i was home.

Her father died when she was little and she only has a mother but i don't think someone  could turn into such a asshole because of that.

I have a other friend who lost her father but she is really nice to me.



I have no contact to her.

Why should I, i have other friends who treat me with respect and I treat them with respect. I have no place in my friend circle for a cunt like that.






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You should eat her.



Ugh, fine, you get ONE not-Toshabi-shit-post.


Welcome to life. Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to want to be your friend. Not everyone is going to want to open up with you. When someone gets a booboo on their knee, arm or whatever, the last thing they'd want is for someone to go poking at it, no matter their intentions. They're hurting yeah, but who really gives a fook? Well, those close to her. Everyone else can proceed to label her as a bitch, which she is for all intensive purposes, but that seems to be a reality she's okay with. At least in her case with you. Its easier to give in to the bitch impulse than to the "lets sort this out and see what he'll say", especially as a teenage brat. Maybe its just because you happen to meet her every time she's having that time of the month. Or maybe she just has a "24/6 PMS avenger" status. Who knows. 


Don't take it personally. Just know she's just another person who will be a bitch to you because she a real emotional bitch. The burden is on those who are legit close to that girl and whoever will have the fortune of breaking her out of that. Or she can just be bitter and bitchy her whole life and turn into a mega whore you'll end up seeing in the adult entertainment business. Just another face in the masses that'll be forgotten with in due time, amigo. When you get older, you'll understand.


Now to end with a very Toshabi-like...



Swallow her whole. And turn her into poop. 


47 minutes ago, Hux said:

Aw, she probably just had a crush on you!


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