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Parade Around Your Thanksgiving!


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This is the thread to show off and chat about Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Chat about plans, post pics of your mondo-meal, recall old war-stories about that time you beat to death a 60 year old women over a tickle-me-Elmo!


It's cold and rainy where I'm at which makes for a rather cozy day. I'm heading up to my folks for Turkey Day, but I generally stay the hell away from stores on Black Friday...



Loving the new banner icon for today!

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@DrGravitas At first, I read that as 'Tickle me Emo'. I might fight over a cute one of those, but they are not usually found in Wal-Mart! I always stay in on Black Friday, perhaps venturing out so far as the local pub for fish and chips, and/or enough libations to forget about things.


Huh, it'll be a quiet thanksgiving here. I'm planning to walk down to the store, and pick up something to make; not sure what, yet. Maybe a pasta dish with littleneck clams, a salad and whatever is there that strikes me. But seems like a rather somber day; trying to shake off this lingering feeling of depression...friends are out of town, my amazing foxy friend is in no-net land for a week, visiting family, and I've been fending off this ongoing feeling of being trapped/broke---the not being able to drive aspect of things is hard; it's almost been two years now.

But I am thankful my vision is still good enough to work and function, even as I am typing this; and I have a place to live that is warm, and enough to eat, and as I look around the city at so much poverty and homelessness, I do feel lucky I am not on the streets, as so many are. 

So if I can't be out buying the latest phone or laptop or TV or what not, I'm still lucky to have the friends I have and have had, and to have lived this long, while I have seen so many friends die young. (well, young being 21, 29, 34, 36, 40.). Cancer, suicide, an OD. Not to be morose, but having played with fire more than a few times, I am often amazed, and thankful that I've lived to tell the tail. (tale ; )

So, on that note, hope everyone has at least a decent day, and a few things in life you can ponder over, and feel good about, even if life seems like a struggle.

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i tried to sleep but my grandma had the whole family over and when i woke up to pee i couldn't get back to sleep for like 2 hours so now i'm tired

and i have to leave for work soon, which means walmart on the beginning of black friday.  however, since i'm overnight at a "neighborhood market", that probably won't mean much compared to when i worked daytime at a supercenter. 

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