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Long time no talk, how has the world of fur been?


I don't think I ever really left it, I just got caught up in the world of anxiety and school (of which the anxiety is directly correlated to school). A decent bit has changed since last I posted. So first off I got through last semester alive passed all my classes. My GPA wasn't where I wanted it, but I'm just glad to have made it through. I've got one more year and I'll have two bachelors degrees and a minor. I attended FurryWeekend Atlanta and had an absolute blast. I honestly wish it could've been longer and that I'd had more time. I'd never been to a con before and it was nothing short of an amazing time with some really cool people. I also should've taken more pics (I'm going to try and bring a camera next time and make sure the rules allow it). For this summer I've been working for the Department of Energy at the Savannah River Site procuring spent nuclear fuel and storing it in intermediate storage (one of several massive basins we have on site) before we further process it. I also do calculations for them and general tasks involving determining doses and risks associated with the site. Honestly I'm thinking about applying for a full time position after I graduate. It's a cool place and a nice change of pace from Atlanta. Plus I only work 4 days a week (granted 10 hours a day so still 40 hours a week, but I get Friday off). The last really big change is that I started talking to a guy back in January who is also a furry (I actually met him on pounced (furry social/dating site) believe it or not, we still laugh about it since we didn't really expect anything of it other than some interesting chats) and we began dating in February and we've since become happy boyfriends. We actually went to FurryWeekened Atlanta together. He's enlisted in the Navy and is at basic training right now so our communication is limited to letters till he get's out in August. After that he's training down in Pensacola Florida for two years for his position in cryptology. With that I probably need to get to bed soon. I'll be sure to include pics tomorrow with the next post. For now friends, have a great day/night and I look forward to getting involved with the forum again.

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