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Well hi ...dorks.


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Nice to meet you, some of you might remember me as "shenzi" or (I think the most recent one?) "Gavrill". I think I had some ridiculous amount of posts on Old FAF. Anyways. I don't really have a set fursona, as people who knew me are well aware, lol. You can call me old names if that's what you remember me by. 

I'm a trans dude that lives in the rural south. I'm a biology student specializing in ecology and evolutionary biology, with plans to master in bioinformatics or computational biology (possibly genetics, depends on what classes I end up liking more). I've been hovering around the fandom for about 12~ years but didn't get involved with art/furry sites until 2008ish. Thought it might be fun to hang out and see how everyone is doing. 

Aside from the basics, I'm also a science writer and naturalist. I discovered a subspecies of P. Plana millipede. I'm also a mathematician (my minor is in applied mathematics), a vocalist, plush collector, gardener, and chemist. 

Excited to see what everyone is up to! I'm going to stop writing this now because I made this account as an excuse to stop writing an essay for a minute lol 

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Hey there, welcome! I don't think I remember you, but then, my memory in general isn't too great.
(Seconding that you have a really cute avatar, btw.)

A new subspecies of millipede, huh? That sounds kind of awesome, getting to discover something new. Reminds me of when I was a kid and wanted to grow up to be an entomologist, and discover new insects. (Of course, that never happened, but it's cool to see folks doing similar things.)

What sort of plush do you collect?

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Oh yeah it was literally like 7~ years ago so I'd be surprised if anyone's memory is that good lol. 


My avatar is by Goatself! There's also an "adult" version ;3 



Also yeah! I don't actually like bugs THAT much but I upload everything I find to iNaturalist and a taxonomy lab was like "omg send us some specimens pls". 

I collect a lil bit of everything, especially big cats, hyenas, and bugs. White tigers are what I have the biggest plush of (the huge cuddlekin one) because it matches the smaller white tiger plush my kid has :) 

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