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I feel bad


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Hello guys , i post something here that i want to get away.

Since i watched the movie der blob i cant do nothing much without safety.

When i wash my face i do it fast because of this one scene and also i cant poop or pee without looking on the ceiling .

I also have sometimes worst nightmares . i dream that all people that i like get killed by the blob (including peoples from here in the forum).  

Now i am happy that wrote this here


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The movie from 1958 was the best version, but there have been two remakes of which I am aware.

One was actually called Beware The Blob, which came out in 1972 and is the version with which I am most familiar. It had some icky scenes. I think one reason I despise getting sticky stuff on me besides how nasty it feels, has to do with how this blob was able to assimilate and absorb its next victim. Its first victim was a housefly, then a kitten. It clung to the kittens' paws and engulfed it.

There was a second remake in 1988, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the original film. It had good moments and it was really gory as I remember. it has been awhile though.


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I'm coming to the conclusion that this person is a troll

how ca i be a troll. I am serious .

Horror movies can really make me have nightmares for months.

And thats not good for me since i always wake up then and i then i have not enough sleep.

That with sensitive is true.

If someone doesnt interact with me right and is rude to me i stop talking to this person for months .

And i am really sensitive , so please everybody watch you language when you talk with me.

When you arebt serious to me then make this sign: :V

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