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This post isn't going to be as flashy as my first post from FAF, but anyways....

My current fullbody suit project is a Yellow Xweetok (from Neopets).

Since the creature has such a large head, I buffed up the base's size as well:

11145911_657935627670572_839000786113141The Foam base is built on top of a bike helmet to help with support and size.

Markings have been doodled on but the head is still going to get some foam work done on it.


The eyes are going to be follow-me eyes with plastic scleras and foamies for the 3D look. The visible areas are buckram painted with acrylics. Eye wip:


I'm pretty sure I finally found the right fur for the project and I've begun work on my duck-tape-dummy. 

More to come later. :)

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such a cute idea!!

Thanks. :3

Xwee's are soooooooo cute :'D I've got a royal girl xwee!

Nice~ I like to keep mine as a ghost, lol.

Oh, nice! I think I saw you mention this before. Looks good so far! I'm not entirely sure on the ear placement, though. I think on the Neopets images they tend to be pointed upward a little more. But other than that, it looks like it's coming along nicely!

Yeah, I noticed after I first installed them that the ears are off. I was going to fix them but then I realized I liked the expression that mine were giving more. They are in the same area but just at a more "relaxed" position. Just a tad of artistic liberty. ;D 

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Been lazy. : p

I have on leg sewn and the pattern prepped for the other but haven't felt like working on that part. 

Instead, I started work on the tail. Going to finish it up either tomorrow or the next day. (Or at least get it to the stuffing stage, haven't decided if I wanted to add a delrin rod or keep it as a dragger yet)



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Finished the basic sewing for the tail (about 40 ft in seams in all) and.... eeeeeeeeh. 

This is my third tail and I tried a new trick.... I'm probably never using that trick again unless I'm sewing a smaller and basic shaped tail. 

The tail has a nasty curve to it. I mean, it is kind of cute and would look great in photos but.... I'm probably going to end up fixing it or at least most of it (as part of the curve is cute). It could just be due to stuffing it wrong, I dunno. 

I was already planning on wefting in hair on the tip but now I'm thinking of wefting in extra. Depends.

I am for sure sewing in massive darting to the upper sections to thin it out more. 

Definitely going to add delrin rod, maybe even extra pieces. A sleeve for it down the middle seam will help loads. 

Oh well. Enjoy my workspace's mess.




Again, I'm just sticking to the way I made Roark's tail when it comes to long ones. ._.

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