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Pokemon x Final Fantasy is coming to PC! And now there are trailers for it that actually display gameplay. It looks cute. I kinda like the idea of collecting monsters from the FF series to help you fight.

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My favorite FF is now coming to Steam. Curiously they seem to be putting some effort into this. Its confirmed to have/be:

  • 4k support
  • Ultrawide support
  • 60fps
  • Three soundtracks (Original, Remastered, and CD)
  • New Game+
  • New Game-

Not even the PS4 plays it at 60fps, which is really weird considering its a remaster of a PS2 title. PS4 version also only has two soundtracks. Well only isn't really the right word, but it has less. Square is really trying here. I'm a bit salty it has Denuvo though.

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Finished the FFXV demo last night!  I actually liked it! Much more than I thought I would, and it seems to run okay on my 970. It doesn't run perfect, and neither is the game, but I still had some fun.

The combat feels sluggish and I like the idea of playing this game without a HUD, but as a result I can't really gauge how well I'm doing in a fight, and sometimes I'll find myself accidentally doing something I don't want to do and/or not being able to visually see when I should dodge, block, and parry. I imagine that's just me needing to git gud though.

The game is graphically pretty, especially when its raining, though I don't really understand why Tabata chose to start the game in an empty desert with you pushing a car. Its not a good way to show off the graphical fidelity at all, and its not an exciting way to start your game.

I like that there are a variety of weapon types you can equip that act in different ways. Magic especially feels really powerful and the fact that it affects the terrain is a nice touch. It took some time, but by the end of the demo the story also started to pick up. Noctis' plan to marry for the sake of the kingdom winding up being ruined by an imperial invasion with his father being killed left a lot of questions and grabbed my attention, and some of the music was really good! On the other hand though, this isn't Shimomura's best work and a lot of the tracks were also really meh and generic. I do like that you can cycle through old FF tracks while driving the Regalia though. Though regarding the Regalia, I didn't like that you couldn't really control where it went beyond what side of the road you were on.

I also feel like the game was missing things a lot of open world games like this typically have. Its weird not being able to jump off cliffs for instance, instead having to find different ways to climb down.

All in all I enjoyed myself though! Looking forward to the full game!

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You'll understand why he started where he did. It's not about graphic fidelity my friend. Walk Tall.


As far as the combat goes, this is a HOLD and press type deal vs crazy button mashing. The enemy AI is actually pretty good, and be prepared to be gangbanged a lot. Some people don't like it cuz it feels like a clusterfuck, but this isn't some old fight movie where you're surrounded by a bunch of dudes and for some reason only want to fight you one at a time.


To explain what I mean by hold and press. You can hold down the attack button and instead of releasing if you see a block or parry prompt, simply press that button when needed, you can release the block/parry and it will follow up with attack.


You're getting it at a time they fixed up a lot more stuff, they recorded quite a bit of lines which actually help because and I'm sure still is a bit repetitive, you actually get characters that feel real in terms of banter and dialog when you're out roaming. It's really interesting touches. I sometimes would just idle just to watch character movements from my party members.


It's a good but flawed game, I haven't gone back to play the new stuff they added though yet (Monster Hunter has gripped me). I will this weekend though, debating if I want to New Game + to get all the memories going again.

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