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I'm gonna be a good boy and take sketch requests from y'all. I have a wacom tablet but I'm currently living without a chair or table, and i also have a poor understanding of krita right now. so what im saying is sketches will get done when they get done. I like to do black and white sketches with a lot of hatching, but if ive got time ill throw some colour in. heres a few i did for ppl in the discord chat:





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i did a few random requests on discord, still havent forgotten abou the thread wuns tho. all except the last one were 10min sketches so theyre pretty quick and dirty, id post evans but he has cumming dick machine guns for arms so maybe thats not allowed??hyena10.thumb.png.129552b5bbc6f72a9d162apigeon10.png.b3957d9fcf5379b8821f6947d05raccoon10.thumb.png.44512a9cbadca76df353



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