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The Big Book of Writers


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Or Big Thread of Writers. No matter.

This is pretty much an index of all the writers on here. Simply post where people can find your work, some books you've written or published if you have any, or even promote something that is a work in progress. I'll collect all the names here in alphabetical order and link them to your correct profiles :)


Aouzy: FA, DASF, Weasyl


Chaosmasterdelta: FA 

Charrio: FA, DA, IB, SF, Weasyl

Conker: Wordpress, The Spore (Book)


DevilishlyHandsome49: FA, Furrific, FictionPress, Weasyl


FlynnCoyote: FA, DA, IB, SF, Weasyl


Gnarl:  SF, Weasyl, Shielah of Earth (Book)Teesha of the Ninth Realm (Book)Joshua and the GargaTom (Book)Tales of the All Father: The Human Who Created Hybrids (Book)Fauns of Agassiz (Book), Fauns of Agassiz Book 2: The Mystic Princess (Book), The ForceThe ChainThe Fourth Race, The Tales of Femelvia (Book, can possibly be found in the library of Bemidji State University)


Kaedal: FA, Weasyl


Naesaki: FA

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Oh boy! Alright here is the short list:

1. Shielah of Earth   Science-fiction   Kindle

2. Teesha of the Ninth realm  Fantasy    Kindle

3. Joshua and the GargaTom  Fantasy/Love story   Kindle

4. Tales of the All Father, the human who created hybrids   SCI-FI  kindle

5. Fauns of Agassiz series (multiple books)  Kindle

6. The force    weasyl/SF

And many others like "The chain, The fourth Race"  

8. The Tales of Femelvia,  university press BSU, might find a copy in the university library but other than that these books are out of print. 

I write under my real name most of the time, but the works on Weasyl and So Furry are under Doggywolf67.


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/Raises hand.

I do the writing thing, though I don't have much to share. I'm trying my hand at getting my good stuff published, which means not throwing it around for others to easily find/read. However, I do have a wordpress blog that I post poetry and short fiction to (along with book reviews but you can ignore those)


I have two self-published things, but they're old and I'm not sure I really want to share them, ya know?

Eh fuck it. If you want to read The Spore, a lengthy scifi story I wrote in fucking 2011 of all times, that's here: http://www.dualwieldsoftware.com/gallery/ It's free and ... well, something I wrote in 2011

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