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My inner child runs the place


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I remember having strawberry flavoured gummy travel sickness tablets as a kid. Since it was medicine, I hated it.

They must have used some kind of standard industrial flavouring, because loads of strawberry flavoured sweets taste exactly like this old unpleasantry.

Strawberry sweets aren't unbearable now, but I can't fully enjoy them.

There. I did the hipster thing and reversed the question

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I used to love poptarts, my fav was hot fudge sundae if I remember correctly. Strawberry was acceptable as well. Don't care for them much in the last couple years.

The pizza lunchables are quick and easy so I do get those quite often still.

I guess pizza rolls are advertised towards teens/kids, so maybe those count. I get those on occasion.

I get random cravings for various cereals. Haven't had them in a while, but Pops and Fruit Loops are the two most cmmon ones. Normally though I eat "adult" cereals like Raisin Bran and Honey Bunches of Oats.

Last thing I can think of is chocolate milk. I don't get it often cuz it is expensive and I don't tend to finish off an entire gallon before it goes bad, but sometimes the cravings win out and I get it.

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