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I remember when I first made an intro thread. I was trash then and I'm still trash now. Anywhat, hi I'm Hikaru. Blah, blah, blah life happened, blah, blah, obligated changes, blah, blah, reconnect with old friends. Figured this would be faster than just shitposting. 

I like stuff...like food and art. Hello! 

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19 minutes ago, Nova said:

Gokigenyo pal

Welcome in our forum

We are your friends now

Hello hello! I don't mind being friends.

16 minutes ago, Battlechili said:

Were you on FAF once before? Your username seems familiar.

Either way, welcome. Please don't talk down on yourself though.

Yes, indeed FAF was a thing and don't worry. Trash is the highest of praise one can receive.

3 minutes ago, DrDingo said:

Oh crap, hi!

I know who you are. You were cool.

I'm DrDingo and I'm still here. Hello

Hey there! Yep, I know you too! Nice to see ya again Dr.Dingo.


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2 minutes ago, WolfNightV4X1 said:

;) You guys can thank me for dragging him back to us, he found me on FAF and Im glad to see him come around here again.

Anyways I dont know how your art has been doing as well but I hope you have since improved Okami sir

I thank you my good sir! I believe I've improved? I dunnno I've been messing around with painting. Just to broaden my knowledge and maybe find a style I like.

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1 minute ago, MalletFace said:

I can recall you being there, and I can recall enjoying your presence, but I can't remember why.

I guess I'll have to remedy that by paying attention to what you do here now.

Good to see ya.

Good to see ya too! Thank you for tolerating enjoying my presence!

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