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autographed copies


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I have a credit card.
It has my autograph.
The best autograph.

To be real, I don't think I do. But I've never really understood the fascination with autographs, because I also don't understand celebrity worship culture.

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I have autographed copies of the following:

Bobaflex's Hell in my Heart

All Hail the Yeti's All Hail the Yeti

Pop Evil's War of the Angels

Starset's Transmissions

Nonpoint's The Return

Crimson Shadow's King's Among Men

Edisun's Edisun

Otherwise's True Love Never Dies

Royal Bliss's Chasing the Sun

And I think that's it. I've gotten to meet a lot of bands over the last few years :3

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I bought some sort of John Cena package a few years ago when I was really into wrestling and it came with an autographed picture. That was pretty neat, not sure what I did with it though.

Other than that, I found a CD in a car I bought that had some sort of signature on it, but I never cared to do the research to figure out who the band was or who may have signed it. It's in pretty shitty condition and since it's not a band I've ever heard of I just assume it's not worth much, if anything. Might even be the previous owner's signature marking it as his for all I know. xD

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